docomo dtab d-02HのHuawei M2化...いよいよM2へ


USBデバッグでPCと接続して、adb reboot recovery コマンドを実行若しくは、電源OFFの状態からボリュームアップと電源ボタンを同時長押し(約8秒)これで起動します。

メニューからWipe ⇒ Format Dataを選択してyesを選択...
*データを一度削除していかないとこれから導入するMediapad M2向けに配布しているアップグレード用パッケージがインストールエラーを起こす場合があります。





adb devices
fastboot flash boot BOOT.img
fastboot flash cust CUST.img
fastboot flash system SYSTEM.img


fastboot flash recovery RECOVERY.img

fastboot reboot

再起動後これでリカバリーを含めたHuawei M2-android5.1.Xに変更されます。

Android 6.0 Marshmallow with EMUI 4.0
XDAの「[ROM][STOCK][Android 6.0][M2-802L] B207 – Android 6.0 Marshmallow with EMUI 4.0」から「M2-802LC229B207CUSTC229D006」をDLしてきます。

adb push /sdcard/dload


以上でHuawei M2-android6.0.X/EMUI 4.0.Xに変更されます...インストール後に再起動は忘れずに!!!

15 thoughts to “docomo dtab d-02HのHuawei M2化...いよいよM2へ”

  1. Hi neko!
    I’ve already converted d-02h to M2 5.1, everything seems fine except IMEI is lost (Unknown) so my SIM not active.
    After restoring from D-02H twrp backup, my network work well. Please give your advices, thanks

    1. It is thought that SIM is not active because there is a problem with the installed file or installation procedure. My M2 did not recognize SIM in the same way, but I made it to be recognized by SIM lock release. There is no way that things like IMEI will not be displayed. Please use the file that I am publishing.

  2. I used your file flashing two time yesterday but same issue as I’ve said. I will try again and update to 6.0, hope it work.
    I’m Vietnamese and using Vietnam’s SIM, may be your M2 rom overwrite baseband of current rom? And it’s not supported by Vietnam mobile network provider?

      1. Please answer me last question.
        I do not know why D-02h GSM band compatiple with my country mobile network but i only can send/receive messages without making a phone call on GSM. So reason is firmware or hardware-based not supported? Or need full unlock,… i don’t know

        1. Hi Viet
          Because dcomo dtab is made on the premise that it is used in Japan, the band of Radio is also optimized for Japan. The support desk is not the manufacturer’s HUAWEI, Japanese docomo is the support base.

  3. こんにちは。d-02hのM2化の記事を検索中にこちらの記事を見つけました。質問なのですが、M2化していく最中にROM焼きをして

    1. はじめまして來輝さん

  4. 返信ありがとうございます。バックアップを戻そうと思ったのですが
    、TWRPやfastboot画面に入れなく、EMUIのWipe data / factory resetなどの画面が出せる状態になっています。

  5. Hi I have flashed lollipop rom but when I flash marshmallow it fails in the start saying rom not compatible.
    I am stuck because I have no backup please help

  6. EMUI 4.0 is not flashing. it says “version not compatible”. I am updating through internal storage


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