docomo dtab compact d-01J/Huawei M3化 完了

docomo dtab d-01JのHuawei M3化が完了しました...先日、公開したファイルを使用しています。



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    1. First of all, it is necessary to have twrp introduced 7.0 as a prerequisite
      This is because unlock bootloader with fastboot oem unlock *** in unlocking code
      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (recovery.img prepares twrp for m3 and renames its name)
      Also, use BOOT.img of d 01 j 7.0 so please make a backup
      The next one to prepare is oeminfo and its firmware of BTV-DL09C100
      There is no choice but to pick up the former from the net. (C100 means the EU version, if you get other oeminfo and rewrite it will worst case)
      The latter can be downloaded from the application called firmware finder
      Since it is in the play store, install it, and download firmware on the terminal side
      Please enter model name as BTV-DL09C100 in the application
      And download the latest B 310’s zip of the date
      At this time I think there are three files, but please select all and download
      On the mother ship we have installed Huawei Update Extractor
      Next, unpack the nonzipped zip file other than and obtain UPDATE.APP
      At HUE we can expand .APP file so we will expand the previous two
      Unzip BOOT.img, SYSTEM.img from one side and CUST.img from the other (Please select item extract as right click)
      Then, rewrite the four files (BOOT, SYSTEM, CUST, oeminfo) with the fastboot flash command
      Please rewrite from oeminfo at this time
      This is because the bootloader relocks when rewriting this
      Please unlock again with the above unlock command
      Please reboot and return to twrp and format data with wipe
      Please reboot bootloader again to have bootloder and rewrite the remaining three files
      Finally get it twrp again, flash from the install downloaded earlier please restart
      If you do restart this, it will operate as EU version m3
      However, since the behavior is a bit unstable, I will restore the backed up BOOT.img
      Since the backup file of twrp is saved as, restoration is done by putting it in the twrp file and selecting it from the restore item of twrp side
      This completes the m3 conversion
      I can not make a call as a bug
      Other than that, everything including the sensor is working properly

      It seems to work except that I can not use the phone. . .

      1. hey, thank you for the guide.
        Can you share your backed up BOOT.img, as my rebranded m3’s sensors are not working.

    1. android7 It is a boot loader for “docomo dtab d – 01j”. Other backups are also available, but perhaps the sensors such as screen rotation will revive. However, only if you are using M3_2 files distributed on this blog.

      android7这是“docomo dtab d – 01j”的启动加载程序。 其他备份也可用,但屏幕旋转等传感器可能会恢复。 但是,仅当您使用此博客上分发的M3_2文件时。

  1. flashing succesful, but after that, i can not install any 3rd party apk. security settings missing.. any solution?

    1. Advanced settings → security → application with unknown source, this should be possible, but I do not know any other setting methods.

    1. android 6用と言うよりはEMUI5.x.x用としてtwrp_BTV-DL09_5_greatslon.imgが出てるだけです。

  2. I was backup in TWRP before try to convert d-01j to M3 but it fail and now I cannot get back to d-01j rom by restore. It stuck on Android logo. Please help me or share the stock rom of d-01j for me. Thank you.


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